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We care!
Easy Loans understand your needs, and do all we can to make the whole process as painless and hassle free as possible.

Lowest ever rates!
Easy Loans' rates are lower than most banks.

All circumstances considered.
Easy Loans have special plans for bankruptcies, mortgage arrears, self-employed - with or without proof of income, and zero/negative equity.

Excellent service.
Our experienced staff offer a fast, friendly and professional service. You will not deal with salespeople, and can always expect good solid advice - free of charge, of course!

Our aim is to provide you with relevant information to make informed choices about a suitable loan. There are times when the cheapest interest rate may not result in the cheapest loan. Let us explain why, and empower you to make this important decision. The outcome will be a cost effective solution, tailored to your needs.
Loan Types Explained
Variable Loans are loans where the interest rate may be changed, by the lender, with regard to the official Reserve Bank interest rate and economic considerations. This is the most common type of loan. There are several different types of Variable Loans available.

Fixed Loans are loans given with a fixed interest rate, usually for between one to five years.

Split Loans are loans with a combination of both the variable and the fixed interest options described above.

Honeymoon or Introductory Loans are loans with a lower interest rate for the first six to twelve months. After this time the loan becomes a variable rate loan.

Switching - you may be able to switch the type of loan you have during the time you have the loan. This is called switching and usually involves additional costs.

Bridging Loans are loans that are for people who already have a loan and are purchasing a second property, but have not yet sold the first. There are usually conditions attached with this type of loan, including a time frame within which the first property should be sold, ie. between six and twelve months. This type of loan can be more costly than others.

Low Doc Loans are loans that require less documentation than regular loans, but as a result also usually have a higher accompanying interest rate. It is suitable for self-employed applicants who may have trouble proving their income.
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